Bazooka BTA8100 BT Series 100-watt powered 8″ Amplified Tube Subwoofer.

  • Bass Tubes enclosures promote maximum efficiency
  • Optimized for corner loading for maximum bass output
  • 8” high power handling woofer and variable gain control
  • Integrated 100-watt or 250-watt amplifier
  • Variable 50-250Hz crossover (BTA/MBTAxx250DD versions only)
  • Includes straps for secure mounting

Our 8” Amplified Bass Tubes are high power handling woofers that are highly efficient thanks to the Bass Tubes enclosure. They are optimized for corner loading, so you can fully enjoy all that bass! They have a 100-watt or 250-watt amplifier and variable gain control as well as variable 50-250Hz crossover (BTA/MBTAxx250D versions only). For secure mounting and easy removal, we’ve included mounting straps, too.