Small, Powerful, Stylish

The newKube is the amazing new nano size cube player, it comes with a inbuilt equalizer with up to seven settings to provide you with the best
audiophile experience.

The newKube also lets you organise your songs
into folders and provide a folder jump feature which lets you play the song you want to hear. The newKube reads the commonly available microSD
card with sizes ranging from 512MB up to 32GB giving you 8000 songs.

newKube also retains its ability to have True 6 hours of continuous play with 1 hours full charge. Now your music is with you all the time.
newKube Unique Features
- Lock
- Folder Jump
- Repeat
- Equalizer:
Original, Rock, Pop, Classic, Soft, Jazz, DBB
Actual Size 1"x1"x1"